4 Months To Go! and We’re MOVING!!

Hi All!

We just over four months to the wedding, we’re starting to make the final arrangements! You should see real invitations in the coming month! Airline prices have started to creep down, and many of you have already made your hotel reservations! Please continute to be in contact if you need help with logistics or have any questions. The weekend agenda, hotel information, and much more can still be found on justplainawesome.com.

In a new, exciting twist to our daily lives, Derrick accepted a new job in late April and began working on May 10. His new position is a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department. In this position, he will be charged with working in one of the US Embassies across the globe! Today, we found out were we will be living and when we will be leaving!

We’re moving to Kingston, Jamaica!!!!!! And yes, you can stay with us!

We’re so exciting for this new change in our lives, and can’t wait for the new adventures. We hope to see you at the wedding, and we hope you’ll get your passports ready to visit us!!

Love and hugs to all!
Jasmine and Derrick

P.S. If you are DC based, we would love for you to join us for a celebration tonight at the Bottom Line. Call one of us for specific details.

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