About Derrick

He’s Awesome. What more do you need to know?

OK, OK…… here’s more.

Derrick, spelled like an oil ‘derrick’ and not Bo ‘Derek”, was born the youngest of three children to Jorge Luis and Ines Emilia. He was raised in Jackson Heights, New York. He was born a HUGE Mets fan, somewhat due to the family proximity to Shea Stadium, always holding out hope for his team from season to season.

Derrick is one smart cookie. He excelled in school, attending Xavier in Manhattan, and then attending the University of Southern California on academic scholarship. Not impressed? – Maybe his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering might help.

After working for The Boeing Company for several years on space rockets and satellites, Derrick’s continued love for baseball and growing boredom for corporate life began to emerge. In his spare time in the evenings and weekends, he built his own website featuring fantasy sports. Seven years after going to work for Boeing, his extracurricular activities finally paid off, and a large company bought his website, and he went to work for them – officially switching professional titles from rocket scientist to fantasy sports writer and expert.

Derrick currently uses those online skills as the new Social Media Director for the DC Lottery. In addition, he runs at least two fantasy websites in his spare time.

Derrick is part of a great, tight-nit family. His Papi is one of seven and his Mami is one of eleven. Both brothers, Jorge and Joe, are happily married to Nicole and Angela (respectively), who all have wonderfully adorable children- Jorgie and Brookie (Jorge and Nicole) and brand new cutie, Joey (Joe and Angela). They all have wonderful ties to the Northern coastal town of Barranquilla, Colombia, with much of the family as bilingual.

Some of Derricks great passions in life include: Mets Baseball (a given), USC Football (Fight ON!), softball, running (he’s done 5 marathons), writing for his website, and his new-found-hobby of snowboarding. He also enjoys immensely playing with nieces and nephews, spending time with family and friends, and traveling the globe with Jasmine– something they hope to do for the rest of their life together.

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